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12 Cup Bun Sheet

Order Code: E715

£5.99 +vat
Standard finish bun sheet with 12 deep cups - ideal for Cookery Classes and Fairy Cakes 
Product Details...

12 Cup Muffin Tray

Order Code: C561

£12.99 +vat
Standard finish and non stick bun sheet with 12 deep cups - ideal for baking buns, mince pies or open pastry tarts. 
Product Details...

24 Cup Muffin Tray

Order Code: C563

£22.99 +vat
Can be used for muffins, yorkshire puds etc. Tray size: 358 x 523mm. Mould size: 80(diameter) x 35(d))mm. In Non Standard and Non Stick 
Product Details...

6 Cup Deep Muffin Tray

Order Code: E714

£7.99 +vat
70mm diameter cup. 1 1/8" deep (283mm). Tin Plate 
Product Details...

Aluminium Baking Sheet

Order Code: K442

£5.99 +vat
Aluminium sheet for baking. Material : Aluminium 5 different sizes 20mm deep 
Product Details...

Aluminium Baking Tray

Order Code: J858

£14.99 +vat
Baking tray made from aluminium with inclined edge. 2 differents sizes Material : Aluminium 
Product Details...

Baking Beans

Order Code: SCE-W708

£18.99 +vat
High quality ceramic beans for use in moulds and tins 1kg bag. 
Product Details...

Cake Cooling Tray

Order Code: J810

£7.99 +vat
Wire mesh cooling tray. 432mm long x 254mm wide. 
Product Details...

Cake Cooling Tray (Heavy Duty)

Order Code: J811

£20.99 +vat
Heavy duty, 25/635mm(W) x 16"/406mm(D)." 
Product Details...

Cookasheet (Cook Liner)

Order Code: SCE-K560

£7.99 +vat
Cooker liners made from woven fabric coated with PTFE. 
Product Details...

Flexible Scraper

Order Code: SCE-E407

£4.99 +vat
Ideal for lifting, dividing and general handling of pastry dough. 
Product Details...

Heart Pastry Cutter Set

Order Code: SCE-E025

£7.99 +vat
Set of 6. Tin-plated mild steel. 
Product Details...

Icing Pipe Adaptor Set

Order Code: SCE-E339

£19.99 +vat
Full set of 22 icing pipes and adaptor in box. 
Product Details...

Non Stick Rectangular Bread/Cake Tin

Order Code: SCE-E106

£17.99 +vat
Non-stick cake and bread tin. 8cm deep. Available in 3 different lengths. 
Product Details...

Non-Stick Baking Sheet

Order Code: E337

£8.99 +vat
High grade, heavy gauge steel with non-stick coating and easy grip handles. 30mm deep. 3 different sizes. Ideal for smaller amounts and cookery classes. 
Product Details...

Non-Stick Fluted Deep Flan Tin

Order Code: GC988

£3.99 +vat
Non-stick fluted deep flan tin. Removable base. High quality layered non-stick coating. Material : Carbon steel. 5 different sizes Ideal for quiche and flans 
Product Details...

Non-Stick Loaf Tin

Order Code: LT-CS2

£3.60 +vat
Non-stick baking mould.23.5 x 13.5 x 7.5cm 
Product Details...

Nylon Ultra Flex Pastry Bag

Order Code: SCE-CD572

£2.99 +vat
Hygienic, food safe and grease proof nylon pastry bags. Remains flexible after frequent washing in boiling water. Several different lengths available. 
Product Details...

Oven Shelfguard

Order Code: CE171

£3.25 +vat
Cut-to-size heat-resistant silicone guard helps to protect hands and arms from being burnt by hot oven shelves. 1 metre long. 
Product Details...

Plain Piping Tip

Order Code: E202

£2.99 +vat
Seamless Stainless Steel. Height 60mm approx. Available in 4 different widths. 
Product Details...

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