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Amika 9XLBT Pass Through Dishwasher

Order Code: 9XLBT

Price per Unit (piece): £2 290.00 +vat

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Simple controls for ease of use
Includes rinse aid dispenser
Supplied with 1 plate rack
Optional Drain pump
Optional Detergent pump
Power options: 3.5 or 6.2Kw single phase / 8.8kw Three phase
Rack Size: 500 x 500mm
Cycle time: 90 or 150 seconds
Water supply pressure: minimum 2atm / maximum 4atm
Wash tank temperature: 55'c
Rinse boiler temperature: 85'c
1 year parts & labour warranty

DP=Drain Pump
WS= Internal Softener
DET= Detergent Pump

Please order according to requirements.
Internal softener means that you do not need an external water softener (Much easier to maintain)
Drain Pump is if you have a high drain outlet which will have to have water pumped into it to drain the machine. With most school gravity drain is fine.
Detergent pump will be needed if you do not have an external cleaning company that supply external pumps as part of there contract with you.

please make a note when ordering of required electrical rating


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