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Gas and Electric Ranges

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Falcon Dominator Electric Convection Range - on Castors

Order Code: E3101OTC

£4 500.00 +vat
The Falcon Dominator Plus 16kW Electric Range E3101 OTC 3 or 4 hotplate is a high performance, flexible, versatile and reliable electric oven range by best-selling brand Falcon. 
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Falcon Dominator G3101 Six Burner Oven Gas Range

Order Code: G3101

£1 599.00 +vat
The Falcon 6 Burner Dominator Plus Range G3101 Natural Gas with Castors features high performance burners with cast iron pan supports and a general purpose oven. 
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Falcon Dominator G3101 OTC Dual Fuel Convection Range

Order Code: G3101OTC

£2 500.00 +vat
Medium duty dominator range is a fan assisted Electric convection range with 6 Gas burners and the added benefits of a semi-sealed hob and boost burners.Choice of legs or castors 
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Falcon Dominator Gas Fan Assisted Range

Order Code: SCE-G2102

£4 200.00 +vat
Fan assisted oven with glass doors and internal lighting aid to facilitate the cooking process. 
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Falcon Dominator Ranges 3 and 4 Hot Plate Electric on Castors

Order Code: E2101

£2 619.00 +vat
The cornerstone of every kitchen - with three rectangular full depth cast iron hotplates and large 2/1 GN compatible fan-assisted oven, the electric Dominator Plus E3101 OTC is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available for the modern kitchen 
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Lincat Opus 800 Electric Oven Range

Order Code: OE8008

£2 855.00 +vat
For comprehensive cooking, frying, boiling and searing, the Lincat Opus 800 Six Plate Oven Range combines commercial cooking power with a high degree of control. Each square cast iron hot plate is highly responsive and generates a precise level of heat. 
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Lincat Opus 800 Gas Oven Range

Order Code: OG8002

£1 499.00 +vat
Generate top quality food both inside and above this Lincat Opus 800 Six Burner Oven Range, offering uniform heating across all four shelf positions to ensure consistent results during batch cooks. 
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